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Vancouver Home Inspector Interview Q&A: Part 3

In this video:

00:00 – Some Stratas are not allowing inspectors into all areas of a building due to “liability” issues, what is your take on this?

03:09 – What should we pay attention to when looking at a parkade membrane?

04:33 – When should a buyer attend the inspection?

07:51 – Do people call to interview you before hiring? Shawn also touches on his construction background.

Brittany and I interviewed Shawn Anderson with The Inspectors. Shawn is a very reputable Home Inspector in Vancouver with an extensive construction background. We will be breaking the interview up in approximately 10min segments. We cover how Covid has impacted his profession and how he has been able to adapt by doing things a little different. We talk rain screening, parking membranes, how buyers and sellers should prepare for an inspection among other things.

Shawn’s website and contact details:

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